Stripe Bag/ Nylon Bag Plastic Container/ Box
Carton Box (size around 21” x 14” x 15”) Suitcase (small)
Single Mattress Heater Oven
Bed Side Table Air Purifier Microwave
Corner Table (small) Dehumidifier Office Chair
Table Top Cooker Electric Fan  
Dining Chair Suitcase (large)

18”-21”TV Double Size 4-4.5’ Mattress Wooden Coffee Table (standard) Single Seater Sofa
Arm Chair Floor Lamp (standard)    

22”-27”TV Queen Size Mattress Glass Top Coffee Table (standard) Baby Cot
Washer Dressing table (with mirror) Small Sideboard / Small TV Stand Chest of Drawer
Drye Water Dispenser (floor standing) Dinning Table for 4 Person (made of wood) Shoes Cabinet (standard)
Computer Desk / Computer Desk (standard)    

28”-30”TV 2 Seater Sofa Dinning Table for 4 Person (made of glass) Wardrobe (below 2.5’length)
Single Bed Shoes cabinet (tall) Dinning Table for 6 Person (made of wood) King size mattress
Altar Table Fridge (2 or 3 doors) Sideboard / TV Stand (5’ length or below made of wood)
Book shelf (standard)  

31”-37”TV Double Size 4-4.5’ bed Sideboard / TV Stand (5’ or below made of glass) Wardrobe (3’ length)
Computer desk / Desk (with bookshelf) Sideboard / TV Stand (6-7’ length made of wood) Display Cabinet (small)

40”-47”TV Twin Bed Hydraulic Bed (Double Size) Wardrobe (3.5’ length)
3 Seater Sofa Loft Bed Dining Table for 6 Person (made of glass)
Massage Chair Queen Size Bed Sideboard / TV Stand (6-7’ length or below made of glass)

King Size Bed Each Set HK$200
48-55” TV Each Set HK$180
L Shape-Sofa Each Set HK$200
Bunk Bed Each Set HK$250
Combination Bed Each Set HK$300
4’ / 4.5’ / 5’ / 5.5’ / 6 length of Wall-Unit Each Set HK$180/$220/$250/$280/350
4’ / 4.5’ / 5’ / 5.5’ / 6’ length of Wardrobe Each Set HK$180/$220/$250/$280/350
Piano (Upright) Each Set HK$ 400 up
Rosewood, Marble, European and Courtly Furniture, or Stone Carving etc. Negotiate
King Size of Refrigerator, Wine Cabinet, Huge Speaker & Safe Negotiate
Large size / Italian Style Display Cabinet Negotiate

Minimum Charge HK$ 500 / per each order
Charge of Dismantle & Assembly
Single Bed, Double Bed, Wardrobe (upper & lower block), Twin Bed. Each Set HK$ 100
Loft Bed, Hydraulic Double Bed, Recliner Sofa Each Set HK$ 200
Wall-Unit, Wardrobe (loose pack), Bunk Bed. Each Set HK$ 300up
Staircase Handling Surcharge (15% is applicable for general items only, not
for bulky & heavy items such as piano, sofa, large aquarium & solidwood cabinet etc)
15% / floor
Additional moving distance of platform / from loading area to destination. 15% up
transportation charge HK$ 200 up
Extra Pick-up or Delivery Address HK$ 200 up / point
Carton Box Fee (size 21" x 14" x 15") HK$ 15 each
Full packing service / Full unpacking service HK$ 30 per box / HK$ 30 per box
Storage packing service for furniture / delicate furniture Negotiate
Disposal service Negotiate
The above quote does not include parking charge.
HK$30 will be charged if the weight of each stripe bag, nylon bag, suitcase, carton box is over 25kg.
Interior of each furniture must be emptied before moving, otherwise it will charge double of that’s furniture’s moving price.
The above price includes packing & transportation service.
Insurance is not included in the quotation. For any damages or losses of furniture during the course of transportation, the liability is limited to 30% of the amount of moving price. If clients need the insurance coverage please arrange it by yourself.
IKA Removal Company Ltd. reserves the right to alter any charge herein without prior notice