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Finding A Reputable Moving Company

If you intend on user a moving company then ask plenty of questions rates and results. If friends or neighbors have moved recently you might like to see if they will recommend a moving company.

One of the most important issues is availability and whether the moving company has a truck that will fit your belongings and whether the moving company is free to move you on the day you need to move. Ask if the moving companies’ price is inclusive of boxes, tape, marking pens, dollies, and packing paper. Also ask if the moving company’s quote includes travelling insurance.

Other questions to ask include:
1) Do the moving company have membership to the American Moving and Storage Association
2) How long have the moving company been in business?
3) Can the moving company give you referrals?
4) Can the moving company provide a detailed and itemized statement of to be performed?

Moving companies make their charges based on weight, distance, and services provided. You should ask the moving company if your quote includes any additional charges for person-hours, packing materials, travel time, and any waiting time (if you can't get into the property straight away). Ask the moving company what sort of payment methods the movers will accept and find out if you need to take out your own insurance.

Before selecting any insurance option, understand whether you will be reimbursed based on the extent of the damage and the item's depreciated value, or on your cost to replace the item. Also, be sure to check your homeowner's insurance for any moving damage coverage.

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